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What Dreams May Come


Is there life after death? Yes, according to What Dreams May Come , a visually stunning masterpiece directed by Vincent Ward ( Map Of The Human Heart ) that's sort of a heavier-handed, metaphysical Ghost  without the pottery.

Chris Nielsen, tenderly portrayed by Robin Williams ( Good Will Hunting ) meets his soulmate Annie (a sublime Annabella Sciorra) just south of Switzerland. They marry, have a couple of kids and a rather happy, idyllic home life until tragedy claims the children.

Chris, a pediatrician, finds his own number is up one day and journeys to his own version of Heaven, guided by the angelic Albert (Cuba Gooding Jr., -- Show Me The Messiah? ). He comes to terms with mortality in a literal Heaven and Hell struggle and a crisis that later involves Annie.

There are a lot of heavy themes in this Metafilms release: reincarnation, redemption and spirituality are just some of the topics covered in the Ron Bass (Rainman ) script adapted from a Richard Matheson ( Somewhere In Time ) novel.

If there's a fault with What Dreams May Come is that it's manipulative, single-minded and offers a somewhat incredulous and unclear snap ending.

On the other hand, it's interesting to see Vince Ward's vision of Hell as a Marilyn Manson video. Goth does exist.


-- Nick Krewen



Directed by Vincent Ward. A Metafilms (PolyGram Filmed Entertainment) Release. Opened October 02.



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