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By Nick Krewen


What is it about Mary that makes men resort to psychotic behavior? Aside from the fact that Mary (Cameron Diaz) is beautiful, sexy, delightful, intelligent, trusting, fun and has a heart of gold, the movie There's Something About Mary  never fully addresses the question. But it provides plenty of side-splitting amusement as several suitors -- including a cameo by an NFL superstar -- attempt to install themselves as the answer, and when you have the Farrelly Brothers ( Kingpin, Dumb & Dumber ) co-writing and directing, taste is often thrown out the window.

Ben Stiller plays Ted, a hapless, naive writer whose only potential date with Mary -- the prom, no less -- was quashed by an unfortunate accident that will leave male viewers laughing and squirming in the aisles. Thirteen years later, he still carries a torch, and hires slimeball detective Pete Healy (Matt Dillon, slime oozing from every pore of his pencil-thin moustache) to find her.

Once Healy locates Mary, he finds "the excellent package" irresistible, and thus the chase begins.

Diaz and Dillon are perfect, Stiller hams and mugs his way along and support player Chris Elliot is way over the top, but it's W. Earl Brown as Mary's "exceptional" brother Warren who really is exceptional.

As for Something About Mary , it burns hot and cold, warm and crass, with the story often taking a second seat to the priceless comical bits -- especially the ones involving a small, yappy terrier.

An amusing timewaster.



-- Nick Krewen


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