Dear Diary:


I can't believe what happened last night.

I've never done this type of thing before...until I met THE PHILOSOPHER KINGS. But last night, I did it. I had my first One Night Stand.   And it was wonderful! I never knew it could be so good. Now Diary, I know how it sounds, but there wasn't any hanky-panky, although I personally wouldn't throw Gerald, Jon, Jason, Brian, James and Denton out of bed for eating crackers. It was the music: a creamy confection of eloquent pop soul that was the most sensuous sonic aphrodisiac I'd ever experienced! Seemingly bred from the loins of Marvin Gaye, The O' Jays and Freddie Hubbard, the band took the concert to a whole new level with a six-piece horn and string section!


"We wanted to make it a one-night love affair that the audience would never forget," Gerald told me after the show. "We're looking for a deeply personal exchanged, " added Jon. "We're exposing our souls to the audience, but we expect a lot in return. By the end of the night, we want everyone to be hot, sweaty and steamy."

Mission accomplished! Right off the bat I was seduced by their "Charms." Jason's bass wasn't throbbing nearly as much as my heart, and when Gerald hit those high notes, I just melted. AND THAT WAS JUST THE FIRST SONG! The rock 'n roll machismo of "I am The man" had me on my feet while the smack of Denton's snare and the thump of his toms sent shivers down my spine. Gerald's smoldering, smoky tenor set off my fire alarm as he crooned "You Don't Love Me (Like You Used To Do)," to the point where I wanted to claw out the eyes of the girl who was disappointing him. Gerald deserves better. And so does Jon, who plays the keys, writes most of the music and a good portion of the lyrics. James' and Brian's soulful wah-wah guitars provided the perfect pelvic stimulant for "Oleo," as I swayed my hips to its funky precision.

And Diary, I wasn't the only one. There were thousands of us, moving and dancing to the music, caught in the primal aura of intimate desire, screaming in unison with every sexy jump Gerald made. "People love to dance," said Gerald, "And I like to incite them. It gives them a chance to feel free and lose theri inhibitions. Life is too short not to enjoy every possible moment. " At one point, I swear Gerald was looking right into my eyes, right through the windows of my soul, trying to make an intimate connection. "I just need one woman to give it up, to allow herself to surrender to the world of the Philosopher Kings," he explained. "I promise her it will be a life-altering experience. " And when we connected, Diary, I couldn't hold back any longer. Soon my bra joined a thundershower of intimate undergarments that drenched the stage, but I didn't care. My blood was rushing, my adrenaline was flowing, and I was bopping along to "Cry," bewitched by the intense beauty of "The New Messiah" and losing myself in the madness.


And Diary, it ONLY GOT BETTER! "Lay My body Down" explored the full dynamic spectrum of passionate emotion, while "Wide Awake" proved to be a mesmerizing declaration of love. "That's what we want to do with our listening audience," Jon declares. "We want to heighten your senses to a new awareness. We want to get your mojo working to peak capacity. After you experience a Philosopher Kings concert, sound, smell, sight and sensation will never be the same again." By the time the band ended the night with the spirited "Hurts To Love You," they were preaching to the converted. After the show, I told Gerald how much their performance turned me on.


"Anyone who comes to a Philosopher Kings show should prepare to be seduced," he told me, with that coy look in his eyes. "The best shows are intimate experiences where we encourage you to live your wildest and deepest fantasies."

"Yeah, everyone should be prepared to get naked to our music, " says Jon. "The stage is our bedroom, and we want to excite you and tuck you in with our sweet music caresses and our satin sheets of sound." Then Gerald and Jon did something they swore they hadn't done for anyone else: they played me a couple new studio tracks they were planning to include on the new live album.

"Supersex '69'" is our salute to pornography," said Gerald, and I blushed. They also played me the first single "If I Ever Lose This Heaven", and I swayed to its soulful groove. And they capped it off with a special radio edit of their smokin' hit "You Stepped On My Life." Then, suddenly, it was time to go. Gerald and Jon gave me a hug, but not before placing a copy of One Night Stand in my palm. "This is a gift to our fans," said Gerald. "A memento of our one night love affair. A One Night Stand that captures the band at its most potent, but one that couldn't be climaxed without the partnership of our audience. You make us strive to be better."

Well Diary, I'm just speechless. That was the best experience I've ever had...and one that everybody can now enjoy. And if I've learned a lesson, dear Diary, it is this...when you've got it, flaunt it!




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