By Nick Krewen

DAVID FOSTER knows a good thing when he hears it.

The popular Vancouver arranger-slash-composer-slash-record company mogul signed MOLLIE'S REVENGE as one of the handful of acts to his new 143 Records label last year, based on the songs and the striking presence of the singularly-named YVETTE.

And if it seems a bit of a musical stretch for the normally pop-oriented Foster, Yvette gives him full credit.

"Figuring that he started out by playing in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and eventually made THE TUBES what they were, I think his musical tastes are diverse," says Yvette, calling mid-afternoon Monday from an Ontario phone booth a good six hours away from her intended destination of Sudbury.

"Despite all the money he's got, he's still a nice man."

Foster's belief in Mollie's Revenge, which is also based in Vancouver and includes bassist MARLO SCOTT, drummer AGGIE RICHICHI, guitarist ADAM POPOWITZ and cellist LISA WAGNER, can be heard throughout the band's debut 143 Records album, Every Dirty Word. It's fun, frank and fearless.

Songs such as "Weed" and "I Like To Watch" push the envelope as lifestyle statements, while the band's version of THE KINKS' classic "Lola" is especially humorous in light of Yvette's lesbianism.

"Our music is very eclectic, as far as styles of artists we have in the band, and styles that we like," says Yvette, "I'd say we're definitely on the cutting edge -- we're not like anyone else out there right now. Our live show is quite heavy. It's got a lot of edge to it."

If Yvette's face seems familiar, it's because she regularly shows up on MuchMusic -- although it's on someone else's video.

She's the bald woman whose head is being closely examined and molded by MOIST vocalist DAVID USHER in the band's video for "Silver". Both bands are still good friends, and Mollie's Revenge opened for Moist on a cross-Canada tour a few years ago.

Yvette says it's been rewarding to watch her own group's success rate since the initial tour.

"There's an obvious growth pattern that's happening," she says. "The very first tour we did so we could basically get our chops down, and no one had ever heard of us. We played Amigos in Saskatoon, and there were six people in the audience...and three of them were members of Moist who came to support us.

"At that point, you've just got to take it with a grain of salt., and say, `Okay, it's just a paid practice.'

"But the next time we went to Amigos, it was sold out. Ever since, Amigos has been insane for us. I don't know why, or how."

An experienced traveller who called Africa, Asia and Europe home for nine years before relocating to Vancouver, Yvette says that her sexuality hasn't been an issue for Mollie's Revenge.

"Being queer in this industry, being a chick with a Mohawk, those things can sometimes play against you," Yvette admits. "But I'm just like everybody else. I'm a good person, and I'm very much proud of who I am. My parents and my family have always been super supportive of who I am. I've always been crazy., and always been a rebel. But I've also been a good student and a moral person.

"That said, I really fight the norm and try to make people think and see the lies. I've lived that way all my life."




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