By Nick Krewen

CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE's most constant travelling companion is his suitcase.

At 53, the San Francisco-based innovative blues harmonica player still trots around the globe for concerts, punching in a few hundred dates a year. And he's discovered that the blues is not only a universal language, but a worldwide commodity.

"I see how special blues music is all over the world," Musselwhite said recently during an early morning phone interview. "I see bands singing blues in their native languages -- places like Italy and Norway, China and Japan, and Hong Kong."

Musselwhite intentionally captures some of that flavors on his 17th and latest album, Rough News. Although he recorded the album in the blues heartlands of Chicago and New Orleans, as well as Los Angeles, Musselwhite unearths some Australian and Brazilian blues.

"The Brazilian style of music is called `forro,'" he explains in his relaxed Southern drawl.

"This music has the same appearance as the blues, even though they don't claim it as such. It's just music from the heart. But to me it's the same thing.

"It's even treated the same way in their country. You don't hear forro on the radio. It's played in bars and in flea markets. But I've noticed that around the world, everyone has their own form of the blues."

Widely recognized alongside the late PAUL BUTTERFIELD as one of the few Caucasian pioneers of the blues harp, the Kosciusko, Mississippi-born Musselwhite first became enamored with the blues as a child after he and his family hightailed it to Memphis .

"It made me feel good," recalls Musselwhite, a seven-time recipient of the W.C. Handy Award, the blues equivalent of the Grammy.

"It just expressed everything that I felt."

Growing up with such musical neighbours as JOHNNY BURNETTE, SLIM RHODES and JIMMY GRIFFIN within a two block radius, Musselwhite learned his trade by hanging out with street musicians.

"I played people's homes, parties," he remembers. "Sometimes I just hung around blues singers. You'd catch a ballgame on the radio, enjoy a jug of wine, and just hang."

In his teens, Musselwhite worked several temporary jobs, including a short time as a moonshine runner. When he turned 18, Chicago beckoned -- although his primary incentive had nothing to do with the city's fabled blues scene.

"I had heard there were a lot of jobs up there," he says. "I saw people disappearing up Highway 51 and returning driving their own cars. I thought that was pretty neat."

Once he landed in Chicago, he worked his way into the blues clubs, hired by such bandleaders as JOHNNY YOUNG, ROBERT NIGHTHAWK and J.B. HUTTO. Eventually he hooked up with blues icons MUDDY WATERS, HOWLIN' WOLF, BUDDY GUY and JUNIOR WELLS, and another harmonica genius, LITTLE WALTER "SHAKEY" HORTON.

"We became instant friends," says Musselwhite. "We had had the same teacher in Memphis, and he was really nice and encouraging to me. He played with so much power. To me, his records never truly caught the unbelievable energy of his performance and what he was capable of doing."

In 1966, a duet with Horton eventually led Musselwhite to his own deal on Vanguard and his first album, Stand Back. A year later, while booked into the Fillmore in San Francisco on a bill with CREAM and Paul Butterfield, Musselwhite liked what he saw and settled there. He's been in the Bay Area for the past 30 years.

Musselwhite, who has recorded with artists ranging from JOHN LEE HOOKER and the late JIMMY WITHERSPOON to more contemporary artists like BONNIE RAITT and INXS, is also celebrating his tenth year of sobriety.

"At first, alcohol was a whole lot of fun," says Musselwhite. "After the years went on, it wasn't any fun at all. I felt trapped. It began affecting my mental attitude. All the way around there was nothing good about it."

He says he found it easy to mask his stage fright behind his drinking, and decided to quit cold turkey after hearing news reports of a toddler who had fallen into a well.

"There she was, at the bottom of this well, fighting for her life, and I thought, she's really got a problem," Musselwhite recalls. "And I thought, here I am, going to do something I know perfectly well how to do, and I think I've got a problem? As a prayer for her to get out of that well, I quit drinking."

Today Musselwhite prefers to spend his time as a workaholic, and has plans to tour Australia in the New Year once his commitment to the House Of Blues trek concludes next month.

Musselwhite, who performs at Centre In The Square with DR. JOHN, ALVIN "YOUNGBLOOD" HART and ROBERT JR. LOCKWOOD -- the man taught by ROBERT JOHNSON to play guitar -- promises a good time for all.

"We're just going to play one sad blues after another," he laughs. "Actually, I play just with my guitar and my harmonica. Dr. John has a band, and we do different combinations all night. There will be solos, duets and trios.

"I'm loving it. We have so much fun that the audience can't help but have a good time."




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